Reservation Process

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Reservation Process

Reservation Process

Step 1 – Select pick-up date & time and drop-off date & time and car types (optional).

Step 2 – Search result will display available car list with price. just click “pay now” button on selected car.

Step 3 – Then this step showing rental options/extras if you want can select or deselect with continue button.

Step 4 – Just enter customer details and select payment gateway.

Step 5 – Booking complete.

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Why booking a rental car upfront is better

When visiting Antigua for either vacation or work, you can always rent a car at the airport. However, if you want to rent at the airport you will often have to stand in line, and, it is very likely that the car you wanted to rent just got rented out to the person in front of you. Booking your car upfront at TG Car Rental can prevent winding up with a car twice the size or the price you had in mind.

Your car awaits

Upon arrival at the airport in Holland you are one step ahead. While others stand in line, walk to the car rental parking lot or are transported in a car rental shuttle, you are awaited at the arrival hall by one of our TG Car Rental employees whom will guide you to your vehicle of choice, so you can arrive as fast as possible at your final destination. It’s that easy!

Always the right rental car

Without booking in advance there is no telling which car will be available. The rental car that you had in mind could be rented out already. Which most of the time leads to higher price range. When renting a car as a group it might happen that you have to settle with tighter seating and luggage spaces. But also when having special wishes such as renting a child seat or snow chains, it is possible the car rental has run out.

Do you want to be sure you get a rental car to your liking? With booking in advance you know you’re getting the right car.

No price difference

The biggest plus of the book in advance is of course knowing you’ll get the right car. You also know exactly what the costs are. When renting a car at the airport, there is no guarantee of getting a rental car in your price range. The most rented cars are often rented out during high season, thus you’re forced to rent in a higher price range. If you book upfront at TG Car Rental you can enjoy 100% all inclusive rates and no nonsense terms.

Renting a car abroad

Renting abroad can be pretty tricky. Car rentals often advertise with all in prices, but when reading the terms, the car is not fully insured. Also the car price can be more expensive than you expected by having to take on multiple insurances. Therefore, always read the contract and make sure you really need all the extra insurances.

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Driving in Antigua

Even if you have an International Drivers License, “in order to be able to drive a car in Antigua and Barbuda you must purchase a local driving license, usually from the car hire company, at a cost of US$ 20 (EC$50). You must show your current driving license to obtain this.

You should drive with care and attention at all times. The national speed limit is 40mph and there is a limit of 20 mph in built up areas. Motorists drive on the left in Antigua and Barbuda. Main roads are generally well maintained, although they lack road markings. Pot holes, even on main roads, and poorly marked speed bumps can catch the unwary. Overtaking on blind corners and cutting corners when turning right are commonplace. Stray cattle, goats and dogs are an additional hazard. Pavements are few and very narrow so pedestrians walk on the road.”

Most streets are lit at night, but not with as many street lights as in the U.K. and U.S. Recently a greater effort has been made to provide directional road signage especially to tourist attractions.

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