Driving in Antigua

Driving in Antigua

Even if you have an International Drivers License, “in order to be able to drive a car in Antigua and Barbuda you must purchase a local driving license, usually from the car hire company, at a cost of US$ 20 (EC$50). You must show your current driving license to obtain this.

You should drive with care and attention at all times. The national speed limit is 40mph and there is a limit of 20 mph in built up areas. Motorists drive on the left in Antigua and Barbuda. Main roads are generally well maintained, although they lack road markings. Pot holes, even on main roads, and poorly marked speed bumps can catch the unwary. Overtaking on blind corners and cutting corners when turning right are commonplace. Stray cattle, goats and dogs are an additional hazard. Pavements are few and very narrow so pedestrians walk on the road.”

Most streets are lit at night, but not with as many street lights as in the U.K. and U.S. Recently a greater effort has been made to provide directional road signage especially to tourist attractions.

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